Posted by: uclaextensionmusic | May 22, 2009

PARTCH @ REDCAT next weekend

If you are in the mood to hear some unusual sounds that you have probably never heard before, I strongly recommend the PARTCH concert at REDCAT next weekend.

Harry Partch (1901 – 1974) was one of the most innovative composers of the 20th century, who is most known for his use of microtonal scales and extraordinary custom-made instruments.

Here’s a documentary clip of Partch showing some of his original instruments:

The REDCAT concert next weekend will feature the many-splendored musical personalities of Harry Partch, including the out-and-out zaniness of Yankee Doodle Fantasy; the forlorn and beautiful Eleven Intrusions; the intensely anguished Dark Brother (a setting of Thomas Wolfe’s “God’s Lonely Man”); and the cheerful loopiness of Two Settings from Finnegans Wake and O Frabjous Day! (The Jabberwock). Also: a rare screening of Madeline Tourtelot’s art-house film Windsong (1958).


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