Posted by: uclaextensionmusic | June 30, 2009

A’Capella: A new popular music genre?

A’Capella is music without instrumental accompaniment, or “vocal music.” Typically, when I think of A’capella music, I think of the traditional barbershop quartets, religious choirs (gospell, christmas carols, chanting, etc.), or peppy university groups that sing at all the school events. But with recent trends, I wonder if A’Capella music is becoming a bigger part of popular culture…

My friend sings in the A’Capella group, SONOS and they are officially my new favorite vocal group! They are performing tonight (6/30) at the Banana Republic at The Grove at 8pm. Check it out if you are in the area.

If you are interested in exploring the genre further, here are some more great examples of A’Capella:

A’Capella commercial: Honda

Bjork’s A’Capella album: Medulla

Ben Folds’ latest album: University A’Capella!

ben folds

And don’t forget the A’Capella veterans who truly commercialized the genre: Rockapella and Take 6

Pretty impressive if you ask me.


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