Posted by: uclaextensionmusic | August 25, 2009

Michel Gondry comes to Amoeba tomorrow!

On Wednesday, August 26 at 7pm, Amoeba Music welcomes Michel Gondry and friends for a live musical performance followed by a signing of his latest DVD – Michel Gondry 2: More Videos.

I wonder what music he’ll play… there is such a variety to choose from!

Check out the Music Video track list from the DVD:

1. Michael Andrews ft. Gary Jules “Mad World”
2. Paul McCartney “Dance Tonight”
3. Thomas Dolby “Close But No Cigar”
4. Björk “Declare Independence”
5. Steriogram “Walkie Talkie Man”
6. The Willowz “I Wonder”
7. Beck “Cellphone’s Dead”
8. The White Stripes “The Denial Twist”
9. Donald Fagen “Snowbound”
10. Cody ChesnuTT “King of the Game”
11. Sinead O’Connor “Fire On Babylon”
12. Queen with Wyclef Jean ft. Pras & Free “Another One Bites the Dust”
13. Radiohead “Knives Out”
14. Dick Annegarn “Soleil du Soir”
15. Sananda Maitreya “She Kissed Me”
16. Sheryl Crow “A Change Would Do You Good”
17. The Black Crowes “High Head Blues”
18. Leafbirds “It Can All Be Taken Away”
19. The Rolling Stones “Gimme Shelter”
20. Energy Orchard “How the West Was Won”


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