Posted by: uclaextensionmusic | November 23, 2009

Hal Gaba Songwriting Scholarship

Looking for an opportunity to study with an award-winning, multi-platinum lyricist?

Hal Gaba & Marty Panzer

The UCLA Extension Entertainment Studies program is pleased to announce that students enrolled in the class, Writing Lyrics That Succeed and Endure: Master Class with Marty Panzer have a chance to win the Hal Gaba Songwriting Scholarship!

In honor of the man who envisioned and established this scholarship, Marty Panzer and Concord Records are offering to reward excellence in the art and craft of lyric writing. The six highest achieving students enrolled in the course Writing Lyrics That Succeed and Endure, taught by award-winning, multi-platinum lyricist Marty Panzer, each receive four additional, advanced Master Class sessions with Mr. Panzer, as well as individual consultation, as required.

Below is a photo of 5 of the 2009 recipients, as well as 5 previous scholarship winners:

From left to right: Lyndsey Kyle, Gregg Dormani, Richard Poliak, Debra Gussin, Marvin Kaplan, Aaron Beaumont, Evelyn Halus, Chad Doreck, Dale Effren, Bob Saltzburg


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