Posted by: uclaextensionmusic | May 5, 2010

Live Concert of LOST

Calling all LOST fans! Check out this crazy awesome event next Thursday, in preparation for the final finale episode of the series on May 23rd.

LOST LIVE: The Final Celebration

Thursday, May 13 at 7:30 PM**

Royce Hall

Oscar® winning composer Michael Giacchino will conduct a live orchestral performance, featuring the iconic music of “Lost,” at UCLA’s Royce Hall on Thursday, May 13, to celebrate the upcoming series finale. The concert will also feature appearances by LOST cast members, including Nestor Carbonell, Michael Emerson, and Jorge Garcia. In addition, a special preview of the penultimate episode will be screened immediately after the concert.

**Unfortunately this concert is sold out, but if you are a die hard fan, there are some tickets on Craigslist.

Fun Fact: Did you know that Michael Giacchino once taught for UCLA Extension’s music program?


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