Posted by: uclaextensionmusic | June 29, 2010

Interested in the art of Film Scoring?

Whether you are a film composer, filmmaker, or general film junkie, Bringing the Power of Music to Film: A Film Scoring Seminar with Charles Bernstein is a class for you!

Charles Bernstein

Charles Bernstein

The seminar examines the crucial contribution music makes to narrative and emotional expression in film. Lectures and discussions, enhanced with film clips and recordings, cover such topics as great film themes and how melodies work in films; musical style, fashion, and concept: what’s in and what’s out; love and sex in film music: what’s hot and what’s not; horror, suspense, and how to scare people with music; comedy, emotion, and what makes us laugh and cry; songs and singing in movies: what the singer/songwriter can do; and a guest composers’ roundtable.

The course is taught by Emmy-Award winning composer, Charles Bernstein whose credits include A Nightmare on Elm Street (the original), Cujo, and recently Quentin Tarantino’s film Inglourious Basterds.


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