Posted by: uclaextensionmusic | August 24, 2012

Opportunity for a Film Composer!

The Entertainment Studies program at UCLA Extension encourages students to network and become involved with relevant projects that will help you gain experience and hone your skills.

Below is an opportunity that came to our office for a film composer:

Composer for Animated Short

Animated short/intro video for a consumer website. This is not a standard explainer video, but rather is more like a short film, commercial advertisement, or pre-ride video for an amusement park. It’s a cool video for a site that’s about changing the world and like a long-form twitter.

We are looking for a composer who can bring a sense of whimsicalness. We have a bit of an adult fairy tale vibe to our piece. Music that charms and delights, has a certain magic and/or humor too it. A little bit Danny Elfman. Some Disney magic too.

This is on the lower end budget wise, but not completely no budget/barebones. Please send relevant (to description provided) music samples or links (rather then sending your entire portfolio or samples not within the genre we are focused on) Additionally, any links to videos you’ve composed for can also be sent. Please put COMPOSER in the subject line of the email, sent to


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