Posted by: uclaextensionmusic | October 22, 2012

Film & TV Music Conference

The Hollywood Reporter/Billboard Film & TV Music Conference takes place this Wednesday/Thursday, October 24-25, 2012 at the W Hotel in Hollywood.

The annual event offers attendees the unique opportunity to learn from music supervisors, composers, directors, music editors, songwriters and producers in the business.

Topics include:
• Music Supervisors – Tastes vs. Needs
• How Top-Level Film Composers Expand Their Reach
• Songwriters’ Synch Licensing Successes
• The New Song Pluggers: Boutique Agencies
• Inside the Awards Season
• Competition Shows and Song Selections
• Advertising Agencies and Their Music-Hungry Clients
• Resurgence in Music Documentaries
• Who Determines The Value of a Song?
PLUS: In-depth Interviews with composers, songwriters, music supervisors and producers, one-on-one sessions and roundtables, networking opportunities, live performances, and more.

Click HERE for the full schedule, list of speakers and registration information.


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