Film Scoring

Film Scoring Certificate
Considered one of the top film scoring programs in the world, the Entertainment Studies & Performing Arts Certificate in Film Scoring was the first program of its kind, created in 1984. Students have numerous opportunities to score cues from recent films, television shows, commercials, and video games, learning to compose and conduct their own scores both electronically and in front of an orchestra. Composition, orchestration, and dramatic techniques are developed under the direction of instructors who are among the most accomplished film composers in the industry today. By the end of the program, participants will have composed and produced many pieces that can be used for their professional reel.


For the award, students must complete a total of 50 units. Although the program has been designed to accommodate varying levels of composing expertise, prior college-level music training or equivalent professional experience is recommended. The first three required courses are considered introductory:

X483.43 Introduction to Orchestration
X482.83 Workshop in Music Notation
X403.52 Harmonic Principles in Tonal and Nontonal Music

These courses may be waived upon submission of official transcripts and/or score samples (written score + CD recording). For consideration, submit a cover letter and score sample at least six weeks prior to your starting quarter. Send submission packet to: Student Affairs Officer, Entertainment Studies Program, UCLA Extension, 10995 Le Conte Ave, Suite 437, Los Angeles, CA 90024-1333

In addition, some courses will require access to and some proficiency in a sequencing workstation in which audio can be recorded and synced to video. (A sequencing workstation is software that combines audio and MIDI recording, editing, and a variety of other tools for working with music and sound on a computer.) UCLA Extension’s music program does not require any specific software programs; however, courses in both Logic and Pro Tools are offered as electives.


“Undergoing the Film Scoring Certificate Program at UCLA Extension has been very beneficial in helping me to succeed in my career as a composer for entertainment. The teachers’ expertise and professional advice helped me greatly. The courses were relevant to today’s industry and never once did I feel like I was learning anything useless. I definitely recommend the program to anyone interested in scoring music for entertainment.”
Steve Mazzaro, composer for video games Force of Arms (Wardog Studios), The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (Injoy Games), Vantage (Crystal Dragon Studios), and the short films The Séance and Crawlspace.



    The Elfman Project…FREE Concert & Symposium on Sunday, May 6 at UCLA’s Royce Hall, celebrating the brilliant film music of Danny Elfman. Music played live along with film excerpts (Batman, Edward Scissorhands, etc.) Tickets free but reservations required….

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