Music Biz & Indie Music

Music Business Certificate
As the music industry continues to rapidly evolve, the Music Business Certificate serves both aspiring and established music industry executives, artists, producers, managers, songwriters, and publishers who desire up-to-date information on the principles of the music industry in the areas of A&R, touring, marketing, legal issues, publishing, and artist management.

Independent Music Production Certificate
Designed for Independent artists, lyric writers, composers, and music producers, the Independent Music Production Certificate prepares students to work on the creative side of the music industry writing, producing and recording music in their home studio and marketing it themselves. This program draws skills from the music business, songwriting, and producing encompassing not only the creative skills needed for projects from inception to finish, but also the marketing skills to promote and sell completed works independently.


“The Certificate Program in Entertainment Studies helped me make valuable connections and gain the exposure that my band really needed. Not only did it help us land on the Top 100 List of Unsigned Artists in 2009, but we actually got a record deal with a small indie label.”
Matt Lieberman, Bassist, Midnite Theory

“At UCLA Extension I discovered my passion for music supervision (a course I took with Gary Calamar).  Out of that, I sought out an internship in music supervision which landed me at Fox Sports.  After working at Fox Sports for over 5 years I now work independently on various exciting projects.”
Julia Henry, Music Supervisor

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